Internet access has become a common commodity in the 21st century and with it, an abundance of information. Between fake news and bothersome ads that harass, there exists a space, a need for quality content that can be easily discovered. This is where TID comes in.


Created with the drive to design a space for quality content creators to feature their offerings, TID is a unique platform that invites organizations to list their IPTV businesses within a directory that attracts high volume traffic. Companies with featured space can provide a video and images, SEO tags and exist within the directory for up to three months for free. Whereas some directories charge an extensive price for simpler ads, we recognize that the more opportunities to grow your IPTV business with us, the more satisfied your customers, the more we all win.


Our client service is superior and with a seamless interface, IPTV businesses can secure a space within the directory in minutes.


 Location-based search and complete review rating system, which enables visitors to quickly evaluate brands for quality service and product delivery. Businesses can also reap the benefits of mentioning their affiliation with us, increasing credibility.


Whether you’re just starting an IPTV business or established for years, listing with TID will create a new pathway for your organization’s growth. Don’t hesitate, list with us for free today.